Composed Of: Ding Ke from Nowness

A kaleidoscopic snapshot of a music composer who writes the soundtrack of his life.

London-based director and writer Edward Paginton shares this visual portrait of Chinese composer Ding Ke in his adopted home of Paris. By exploring the film musician’s interactions with the world around him, Paginton visualizes Ke’s ability to create music for cinema inspired by the noise and activity of everyday life. 

“We live in a richly dense visual world”

“We live in a richly dense visual world,” says the director. “Every image we encounter carries a unique emotive value.” Paginton echoes this sentiment by presenting the film as a kaleidoscopic snapshot of different locations around Paris that eventually combine to represent Ke’s multilayered and creative mind. 

“I wanted to communicate how fleeting these images and interactions can be,” the director continues, “but also how significant they are in shaping our world view and expression of it.”


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